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Black Bear Energy Spray 25ml


Black Bear Energy Spray is a unique supplement containing a special blend of Hydroxy & Adenosyl B-12 important for energy, fatigue and athletics. Dr Amy's Comments on Black Bear EnergyBlack Bear Energy Spray contains a blend of hydroxyl B-12 and adenosyl B-12; special forms of B-12 that can be used directly by your body. It also includes a mineral blend containing molybdenum. Some of the largest molybdenum stores are found in Maine, a mineral which is needed to process toxic sulfites, dairy and alcohol. Trehalose, a natural sugar used as a sweetener, has been reported to help with offsetting certain types of nerve damage in the body as well as stabilizing blood sugar and protecting the body from damage due to low temperatures. Black Bear Energy Spray is naturally flavored with blueberry, a native plant covering over 60,000 acres in the state of Maine. Black Bear Energy Spray provides a caffeine free, all natural energy supplement for enhanced athletic performance and everyday life. A single serving of Black Bear Energy has more than 400 times the amount of B-12 than any energy drink on the market. Whether using Black Bear Energy Spray prior to an athletic event or to support the body's ability in maintaining healthy B-12 levels, you avoid unwanted calories and the fullness most energy drinks create, especially when competing.